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1: Zhang L,Zhang X,Zhang G,Pang CP,Leung YF,Zhang M,Zhong W
论文名称:《Expression profiling of the retina of pde6c,a zebrafish model of retinal degeneration》
杂志名称:《Sci Data.》.2017 Dec 12;4:170182. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 5.305
2: Guo J,Zhu W,Shi F,Xiang D,Chen H,Chen X
论文名称:《A Framework for Classification and Segmentation of Branch Retinal Artery Occlusion in SD-OCT》
杂志名称:《IEEE Trans Image Process.》.2017 Jul 26(7) 3518-3527
影响因子: 5.071
3: Ng TK,Liang XY,Lu F,Liu DT,Yam GH,Ma L,Tam PO,Chen H,Cen LP,Chen LJ,Yang Z,Pang CP
论文名称:《Protective effects of an HTRA1 insertion-deletion variant against age-related macular degeneration in the Chinese populations》
杂志名称:《Lab Invest.》.2017 Jan;97(1):43-52
影响因子: 4.254
4: Liu Y,Ma P,Cassidy PA,Carmer R,Zhang G, Venkatraman P,Brown SA,Pang CP,Zhong W, Zhang M,Leung YF
论文名称:《Statistical Analysis of Zebrafish Locomotor Behaviour by Generalized Linear Mixed Models》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2017 Jun 7;7(1):2937
影响因子: 4.122
5: Liu L,Liu X,Huang C,Wang G,Ma D,Zhang W,Zheng C,Zhang M
论文名称:《Associated factors of acute primary angle closure glaucoma in a sub-group of Chinese people: comparison between attack eyes and normal controls》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2017 Nov 2;7(1):14885. doi: 10.103
影响因子: 4.122
6: Qiu K,Lu X,Zhang R,Wang G,Zhang M
论文名称:《Relationship of corneal hysteresis and optic nerve parameters in healthy myopic subjects》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2017 Dec 13;7(1):17538. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 4.122
7: Ganzen L,Venkatraman P,Pang CP,Leung YF,Zhang M
论文名称:《Utilizing Zebrafish Visual Behaviors in Drug Screening for Retinal Degeneration》
杂志名称:《Int J Mol Sci.》.2017 Jun 2;18(6).pii: E1185
影响因子: 3.687
8: Xiao X,Cao Y,Zhang Z,Xu Y,Zheng Y,Chen LJ,Pang CP,Chen H
论文名称:《Novel Mutations in PRPF31 Causing Retinitis Pigmentosa Identified Using Whole-Exome Sequencing》
杂志名称:《Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.》.2017 Dec 1;58(14):6342-6350
影响因子: 3.388
9: Ma L,Brelen ME,Tsujikawa M,Chen H, Chu WK,Lai TY,Ng DS,Sayanagi K,Hara C,Hashida N,Chan VC,Tam PO,Young AL,Chen W,Nishida K,Pang CP,Chen LJ
论文名称:《Identification of ANGPT2 as a New Gene for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy in the Chinese and Japanese Populations》
杂志名称:《Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.》.2017 Feb 1;58(2):1076-1083
影响因子: 3.388
10: Zhang G,Chen H,Chen W,Zhang M
论文名称:《Prevalence and risk factors for diabetic retinopathy in China: a multi-hospital-based cross-sectional study》
杂志名称:《Br J Ophthalmol.》.2017 Dec;101(12):1591-1595
影响因子: 3.384
11: Cen LP,Liang JJ,Chen JH,Harvey AR,Kin Ng T,Zhang M,Pang CP,Cui Q,Fan YM
论文名称:《AAV-mediated transfer of RhoA shRNA and CNTF promotes retinal ganglion cell survival and axon regeneration》
杂志名称:《Neuroscience.》.2017 Feb 20;343:472-482
影响因子: 3.382
12: Yao Y,Zhang MZ,Jhanji V
论文名称:《Surgical management of limbal dermoids: 10-year review》
杂志名称:《Acta Ophthalmol.》.2017 Sep;95(6):e517-518
影响因子: 3.324
13: Jin X,Wu N,Dai J,Li Q,Xiao X
论文名称:《TXNIP mediates the differential responses of A549 cells to sodium butyrate and sodium 4-phenylbutyrate treatment》
杂志名称:《Cancer Med.》.2017 Feb;6(2):424-438
影响因子: 3.202
14: Lu X, Chen W, Xia H, Zheng K, Jin C, Ng DSC, Chen H
论文名称:《Atrophy of retinal inner layers is associated with poor vision after endophthalmitis: a spectral domain optical coherence tomography study》
杂志名称:《Eye (Lond).》.2017 Oct;31(10):1488-1495
影响因子: 2.478
15: Zhu W,Zhang L,Shi F,Xiang D,Wang L,Guo J,Yang X,Chen H,Chen X
论文名称:《Automated framework for intraretinal cystoid macular edema segmentation in three-dimensional optical coherence tomography images with macular hole》
杂志名称:《J Biomed Opt.》.2017 Jul 1;22(7):76014
影响因子: 2.367
16: Ji Y,Ye Y,Lu Y,Li L,Yang G
论文名称:《An Intervention to Reduce Bicycle Injuries among Middle School Students in Rural China》
杂志名称:《Int J Environ Res Public Health.》.2017 Jun 26;14(7). pii: E690
影响因子: 2.145
17: Zheng KK,Cai J,Rong SS,Peng K,Xia H,Jin C,Lu X,Liu X,Chen H,Jhanji V
论文名称:《Longitudinal Evaluation of Wound Healing after Penetrating Corneal Injury: Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography Study》
杂志名称:《Curr Eye Res.》.2017 Jul;42(7):982-986
影响因子: 2.12
18: Liu Y,Huang H,Sun G,Alwadani S,Semba RD,Lutty GA,Yiu S,Edward DP
论文名称:《Gene Expression Profile of Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Molecules in the Human Normal Corneal Stroma》
杂志名称:《Curr Eye Res.》.2017 Apr;42(4):520-527
影响因子: 2.12
19: Lin ZB,Ji YH,Xiao QY,Luo LB,Li LP,Choi B
论文名称:《Risk factors of bicycle traffic injury among middle school students in chaoshan rural areas of china》
杂志名称:《Int J Equity Health.》.2017 Jan 26;16(1):28
影响因子: 1.71
20: Fan H,Chen HY,Ma HJ,Chang Z,Yin HQ,Ng DS,Cheung CY,Hu S,Xiang X,Tang SB,Li SN
论文名称:《Reduced Macular Vascular Density in Myopic Eyes》
杂志名称:《Chin Med J (Engl).》.2017 Feb 20;130(4):445-451
影响因子: 1.596
21: Wu X,Jhanji V,Chen H,Lin H,Zhang G,Brelen M,Chen W
论文名称:《Change in flash visual evoked potentials in New Zealand albino rabbits after sub-tenon's anesthesia》
杂志名称:《Cutan Ocul Toxicol.》.2017 Jun;36(2):118-124
影响因子: .888
1: Huang L,Zhang HCheng CYWen F,Tam PO,Zhao P,Chen H,Li Z,Chen L,Tai Z,Yamashiro K,Deng S,Zhu X,Chen W,Cai L,Lu F,Li Y,Cheung CG,Shi Y,Miyake M,Lin Y,Gong B,Liu X,Sim KS,Yang J,Mori K,Zhang X,Cackett PD,Tsujikawa M,Nishida K,Hao F,Ma S,Lin H,Cheng J,Fei P,Lai TY,Tang S,Laude A,Inoue S,Yeo IY,Sakurada Y,Zhou Y,Iijima H,Honda S,Lei C,Zhang L,Zheng H,Jiang D,Zhu X,Wong TY,Khor CC,Pang CP,Yoshimura N,Yang Z
论文名称:《A missense variant in FGD6 confers increased risk of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy》
杂志名称:《Nat Genet.》.2016 Apr 18.doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 27.959
2: Gan J,Ke X,Jiang J,Dong H,Yao Z,Lin Y,Lin W,Wu X,Yan S,Zhuang Y,Chu WK,Cai R,Zhang X,Cheung HS,Block NL,Pang CP,Schally AV,Zhang H
论文名称:《Growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor antagonists inhibit human gastric cancer through downregulation of PAK1-STAT3/NF-kappaB signaling》
杂志名称:《Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.》.2016 Dec 20;113(51):14745-14750
影响因子: 9.661
3: Chen JH,Huang C,Zhang B,Yin S,Liang J,Xu C,Huang Y,Cen LP,Ng TK,Zheng C,Zhang S,Chen H,Pang CP,Zhang M
论文名称:《Mutations of RagA GTPase in mTORC1 Pathway Are Associated with Autosomal Dominant Cataracts》
杂志名称:《PLoS Genet.》.2016 Jun 13;12(6):e1006090. doi: 10.1371
影响因子: 6.1
4: Zheng K, Huang H, Peng K, Cai J, Jhanji V, Chen H
论文名称:《Change of Optical Intensity during Healing Process of Corneal Wound on Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2016 Aug 26;6:32352. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 4.259
5: Ma D,Chen CB,Liang J,Lu Z,Chen H,Zhang M
论文名称:《Repeatability, reproducibility and agreement of intraocular pressure measurement in rabbits by the TonoVet and Tono-Pen》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2016 Oct 12;6:35187. doi:10.1038
影响因子: 4.259
6: Tang SM,Chan RY,Bin Lin S,Rong SS,Lau HH,Lau WW,Yip WW,Chen LJ,Ko ST,Yam JC
论文名称:《Refractive Errors and Concomitant Strabismus: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2016 Oct 12;6:35177. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 4.259
7: Sun Z,Chen H,Shi F,Wang L,Zhu W,Xiang D,Yan C,Li L,Chen X
论文名称:《An automated framework for 3D serous pigment epithelium detachment segmentation in SD-OCT images》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2016 Feb 22;6:21739.doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 4.259
8: Zhu W, Chen H, Zhao H, Tian B, Wang L, Shi F, Xiang D, Luo X, Gao E, Zhang L, Yin Y, Chen X
论文名称:《Automatic Three-dimensional Detection of Photoreceptor Ellipsoid Zone Disruption Caused by Trauma in the OCT》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2016 May 9;6:25433.doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 4.259
9: Ng TK, Liang XY, Lai TY, Ma L, Tam PO, Wang JX, Chen LJ, Chen H, Pang CP
论文名称:《HTRA1 promoter variant differentiates polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy from exudative age-related macular degeneration》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2016 Jun 24;6:28639. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 4.259
10: Rong SS,Chen LJ,Leung CK,Matsushita K,Jia L,Miki A,Chiang SW,Tam PO,Hashida N,Young AL,Tsujikawa M,Zhang M,Wang N,Nishida K,Pang CP
论文名称:《Ethnic specific association of the CAV1/CAV2 locus with primary open-angle glaucoma》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2016 Jun 14;6:27837. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 4.259
11: Lu X, Ng DS, Zheng K, Peng K, Jin C, Xia H, Chen W, Chen H
论文名称:《Risk factors for endophthalmitis requiring evisceration or enucleation》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2016 Jun 15;6:28100. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 4.259
12: Sng CC,Aquino MC,Liao J,Zheng C,Ang M,Chew PT
论文名称:《Anterior segment morphology after acute primary angle closure treatment: a randomised study comparing iridoplasty and medical therapy》
杂志名称:《Br J Ophthalmol.》.2016 Apr;100(4):542-8
影响因子: 3.806
13: Chen H,Xia H,Qiu Z,Chen W,Chen X
论文名称:《Correlation of optical intensity on optical coherence tomography and visual outcome in central retinal artery occlusion》
杂志名称:《Retina.》.2016 Oct;36(10):1964-70
影响因子: 3.7
14: Chen LJ,Ma L,Chu WK,Lai TY,Chen H,Breln ME,Rong SS,Young AL,Tam PO,Zhang M,Pang CP
论文名称:《Identification of PGF as a New Gene for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration in a Chinese Population》
杂志名称:《Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.》.2016 Apr 1;57(4):1714-20
影响因子: 3.303
15: Ma L,Liu K,Tsujikawa M,Chen H,Brelen ME,Chan VC,Lai TY,Sayanagi K,Hara C,Hashida N,Tam PO,Young AL,Chen W,Nishida K,Pang CP,Chen LJ
论文名称:《Association of ABCG1 With Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy in Chinese and Japanese》
杂志名称:《Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.》.2016 Oct 1;57(13):5758-5763
影响因子: 3.303
16: Sng CC, Aquino MC, Liao J, Zheng C, Ang M, Chew PT
论文名称:《Anterior segment morphology after acute primary angle closure treatment: a randomised study comparing iridoplasty and medical therapy》
杂志名称:《Br J Ophthalmol.》.2016 Apr;100(4): 542-8
影响因子: 3.036
17: Lin D,Luo X,Meng L,Zhang G,Chen W,Chen H
论文名称:《Optical Intensities of Different Compartments of Subretinal Fluid in Acute Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease》
杂志名称:《PLoS One.》.2016 Feb 12;11(2):e0149376.
影响因子: 2.806
18: Chen B,Gao E,Chen H,Yang J,Shi F,Zheng C,Zhu W,Xiang D,Chen X,Zhang M
论文名称:《Profile and Determinants of Retinal Optical Intensity in Normal Eyes with Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography》
杂志名称:《PLoS One.》.2016 Feb 10;11(2):e0148183.
影响因子: 2.806
19: Zhang L,Xiang L,Liu Y,Venkatraman P,Chong L,Cho J,Bonilla S,Jin ZB,Pang CP,Ko KM,Ma P,Zhang M,Leung YF
论文名称:《A Naturally-Derived Compound Schisandrin B Enhanced Light Sensation in the pde6c Zebrafish Model of Retinal Degeneration》
杂志名称:《PLoS One.》.2016 Mar 1;11(3):e0149663. doi: 10.1371
影响因子: 2.806
20: Zheng C,de Leon JM, Cheung CY, Narayanaswamy AK, Ong SH, Tan CW, Chew PT, Perera SA, Wong TY, Aung T
论文名称:《Determinants of pupil diameters and pupil dynamics in an adult Chinese population》
杂志名称:《Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol.》.2016 May;254(5):929-36
影响因子: 2.349
21: Liu Y,Huang H,Sun G,Alwadani S,Semba RD,Lutty GA,Yiu S,Edward DP
论文名称:《Gene Expression Profile of Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Molecules in the Human Normal Corneal Stroma》
杂志名称:《Curr Eye Res.》.2016 Jul 21:1-8
影响因子: 2.238
22: Gao Y,Zhang G,Jelfs B,Carmer R,Venkatraman P,Ghadami M,Brown SA,Pang CP,Leung YF,Chan RH,Zhang M
论文名称:《Computational classification of different wild-type zebrafish strains based on their variation in light-induced locomotor response》
杂志名称:《Comput Biol Med.》.2016 Feb 1;69:1-9
影响因子: 1.836
23: Qiu K,Lu X,Zhang R,Wang G,Zhang M
论文名称:《Corneal Biomechanics Determination in Healthy Myopic Subjects》
杂志名称:《J Ophthalmol.》.2016;2016:2793516. doi: 10.1155
影响因子: 1.712
24: Li D,Lin SB,Cheng B
论文名称:《Intense Pulsed Light: From the Past to the Future》
杂志名称:《Photomed Laser Surg.》.2016 Oct;34(10):435-447
影响因子: 1.68
25: Meng P,Wei J,Wang J,Liang J,Zhi Y,Geng Y
论文名称:《The involvement of sirtuins during optic nerve injury of rats》
杂志名称:《Neuroreport.》.2016 Mar 23;27(5):361-5
影响因子: 1.395
1: Cheng CY, Yamashiro K, Chen LJ, Ahn J, Huang L, Huang L, Cheung CM, Miyake M, Cackett PD, Yeo IY, Laude A, Mathur R, Pang J, Sim KS, Koh AH, Chen P, Lee SY, Wong D, Chan CM, Loh BK, Sun Y, Davila S, Nakata I, Nakanishi H, Akagi-Kurashige Y, Gotoh N, Tsujikawa A, Matsuda F, Mori K, Yoneya S, Sakurada Y, Iijima H, Iida T, Honda S, Lai TY, Tam PO, Chen H, Tang S, Ding X, Wen F, Lu F, Zhang X, Shi Y, Zhao P, Zhao B, Sang J, Gong B, Dorajoo R, Yuan JM, Koh WP, van Dam RM, Friedlander Y, Lin Y, Hibberd ML, Foo JN, Wang N, Wong CH, Tan GS, Park SJ, Bhargava M, Gopal L, Naing T, Liao J, Ong PG, Mitchell P, Zhou P, Xie X, Liang J, Mei J, Jin X, Saw SM, Ozaki M, Mizoguchi T, Kurimoto Y, Woo SJ, Chung H, Yu HG, Shin JY, Park DH, Kim IT, Chang W, Sagong M, Lee SJ, Kim HW, Lee JE, Li Y, Liu J, Teo YY, Heng CK, Lim TH, Yang SK, Song K, Vithana EN, Aung T, Bei JX, Zeng YX, Tai ES, Li XX, Yang Z, Park KH, Pang CP, Yoshimura N, Wong TY, Khor CC
论文名称:《New loci and coding variants confer risk for age-related macular degeneration in East Asians》
杂志名称:《Nat Commun.》.2015 Jan 28;6:6063
影响因子: 11.329
2: Ma L, Li Z, Liu K, Rong SS, Brelen ME, Young AL, Kumaramanickavel G, Pang CP, Chen H, Chen LJ
论文名称:《Association of Genetic Variants with Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy: A Systematic Review and Updated Meta-analysis》
杂志名称:《Ophthalmology.》.2015 Sep;122(9):1854-65
影响因子: 6.75
3: Li Z, Allingham RR, Nakano M, Jia L, Chen Y, Ikeda Y, Mani B, Chen LJ, Kee C, Garway-Heath DF, Sripriya S, Fuse N, Abu-Amero KK, Huang C, Namburi P, Burdon K, Perera SA, Gharahkhani P, Lin Y, Ueno M, Ozaki M, Mizoguchi T, Krishnadas SR, Osman EA, Lee MC, Chan AS, Tajudin LS, Do T, Goncalves A, Reynier P, Zhang H, Bourne R, Goh D, Broadway D, Husain R, Negi AK, Su DH, Ho CL, Blanco AA, Leung CK, Wong TT, Yakub A, Liu Y, Nongpiur ME, Han JC, Hon do N, Shantha B, Zhao B, Sang J, Zhang N, Sato R, Yoshii K, Panda-Jonas S, Ashley Koch AE, Herndon LW, Moroi SE, Challa P, Foo JN, Bei JX, Zeng YX, Simmons CP, Bich Chau TN, Sharmila PF, Chew M, Lim B, Tam PO, Chua E, Ng XY, Yong VH, Chong YF, Meah WY, Vijayan S, Seongsoo S, Xu W, Teo YY, Cooke Bailey JN, Kang JH, Haines JL, Cheng CY, Saw SM, Tai ES; ICAARE-Glaucoma Consortium; NEIGHBORHOOD Consortium, Richards JE, Ritch R, Gaasterland DE, Pasquale LR, Liu J, Jonas JB, Milea D, George R, Al-Obeidan SA, Mori K, Macgregor S, Hewitt AW, Girkin CA, Zhang M, Sundaresan P, Vijaya L, Mackey DA, Wong TY, Craig JE, Sun X, Kinoshita S, Wiggs JL, Khor CC, Yang Z, Pang CP, Wang N, Hauser MA, Tashiro K, Aung T, Vithana EN.
论文名称:《A common variant near TGFBR3 is associated with primary open angle glaucoma》
杂志名称:《Hum Mol Genet.》.2015 Jul 1;24(13):3880-92
影响因子: 5.985
4: Ma L, Tang SM, Rong SS, Chen H, Young AL, Kumaramanickavel G, Pang CP, Chen LJ
论文名称:《Association of PEDF polymorphisms with age-related macular degeneration and polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy: a systematic review and meta-analysis》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2015 Mar 30;5:9497. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 5.228
5: Chen H, Chen W, Zheng K, Peng K, Xia H, Zhu L
论文名称:《Prediction of spontaneous closure of traumatic macular hole with spectral domain optical coherence tomography》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2015 Jul 21;5:12343. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 5.228
6: Chen H, Chen X, Qiu Z, Xiang D, Chen W, Shi F, Zheng J, Zhu W, Sonka M
论文名称:《Quantitative analysis of retinal layersoptical intensities on 3D optical coherence tomography for central retinal artery occlusion》
杂志名称:《Sci Rep.》.2015 Mar 18;5:9269. doi: 10.1038
影响因子: 5.228
7: Shi F, Chen X, Zhao H, Zhu W, Xiang D, Gao E, Sonka M, Chen H
论文名称:《Automated 3-D Retinal Layer Segmentation of Macular Optical Coherence Tomography Images with Serous Pigment Epithelial Detachments》
杂志名称:《IEEE Trans Med Imaging.》.2015 Feb;34(2):441-52
影响因子: 3.756
8: Qiu K, Schiefer J, Nevalainen J, Schiefer U, Jansonius NM
论文名称:《Influence of the Retinal Blood Vessel Topography on the Variability of the Retinal Nerve Fiber Bundle Trajectories in the Human Retina》
杂志名称:《Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.》.2015 Oct;56(11):6320-5
影响因子: 3.427
9: Cen LP, Han M, Zhou L, Tan L, Liang JJ, Pang CP, Zhang M
论文名称:《Bilateral retinal microglial response to unilateral optic nerve transection in rats》
杂志名称:《Neuroscience.》.2015 Dec 17;311:56-66
影响因子: 3.231
10: Liu Y, Carmer R, Zhang G, Venkatraman P, Brown SA, Pang CP, Zhang M, Ma P, Leung YF
论文名称:《Statistical Analysis of Zebrafish Locomotor Response》
杂志名称:《PLoS One.》.2015 Oct 5;10(10):e0139521.
影响因子: 3.057
11: Gao E, Chen B, Yang J, Shi F, Zhu W, Xiang D, Chen H, Zhang M, Chen X
论文名称:《Comparison of Retinal Thickness Measurements between the Topcon Algorithm and a Graph-Based Algorithm in Normal and Glaucoma Eyes》
杂志名称:《PLoS One.》.2015 Jun 4;10(6):e0128925. doi: 10.1371
影响因子: 3.057
12: Teng Y, Wong HK, Jhanji V, Chen JH, Young AL, Zhang M, Choy KW, Mehta JS, Pang CP, Yam GH
论文名称:《Signature MicroRNAs in Human Cornea Limbal Epithelium》
杂志名称:《Funct Integr Genomics.》.2015 May;15(3):277-94
影响因子: 2.265
13: Tan Y, Ma D, Chen Y, Cheng F, Liu X, Li L
论文名称:《Relationships between Sleep Behaviors and Unintentional Injury in Southern Chinese School-Aged Children: A Population-Based Study》
杂志名称:《Int J Environ Res Public Health.》.2015 Oct 16;12(10):12999-3015
影响因子: 2.035
14: Gao Y, Zhang G, Jelfs B, Carmer R, Venkatraman P, Ghadami M, Brown SA, Pang CP, Leung YF, Chan RH, Zhang M
论文名称:《Computational classification of different wild-type zebrafish strains based on their variation in light-induced locomotor response》
杂志名称:《Comput Biol Med.》.2015 Nov 30;69:1-9
影响因子: 1.521
15: Yao Y,Zhang M,Jhanji V
论文名称:《Giant Iris Cyst with Corneal Perforation》
杂志名称:《Optom Vis Sci.》.2015 Feb;92(2):e52-4
影响因子: 1.442
16: Wang G, Qiu KL, Lu XH, Zhang MZ
论文名称:《Comparison and interchangeability of macular thickness measured with Cirrus OCT and Stratus OCT in myopic eyes》
杂志名称:《Int J Ophthalmol.》.2015 Dec 18;8(6):1196-201
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影响因子: .663
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